Our Service

We organize your railway journey in the Balkans, especially in the area of former Yugoslavia,

as well as in the neighboring countries according to your wishes with special, charter and

regular trains.

Beside the lines of national and museum railways, we can also offer private and industrial lines.

Aditionally any type of traction (electric, diesel, steam) is possible, if available on the spot.

Also the good, old rail buses are still available for a short time.

The following compositions can be chartered, among others:

     - Titos Blue Train

        Main composition

     - Blue Express

        Blue Trains second composition ( baggage, dining and parlor car)

     - Evergreen – Train

        Passenger train with green 2-axle “Spannten” cars

     - Museum passenger cars and freight wagons on narrow gauge with steam or diesel loco

     - Diverse dining- and buffet cars

        (regular and narrow gauge)

     - Freight wagons for photo trains

Addinionally we can offer you our own narrow gauge panorama train with steam or diesel loco on the Sargan 8 line.

For your supporting program we can

organize visits at places of interest to

railway and industry history, museums

and cultural places. We are also able to

offer special trips on tramways.

We also have contact to selected 3-, 4- or

5-star hotels with good local cuisine and often with indoor pool and sauna.

As far as bus transfers are required, we can rely on comfortable and modern buses, which also accompany the whole journey if necessary. Additionally we can offer to organize boat and ship

                               tours on rivers, lakes and the sea.


Here are some examples for possible trips:

    1. Traveling with steam in 19th century

    2. Narrow Gauge on the Balkans

        - Sargan 8

        - Bosnian Eastline - Višegrad,

        - Coal line Banovići,

        - Rhodope line - Bulgaria

        - Forestry line Gemenc - Hungary

    3. Steam locomotives on the Balkans

        - Bosnia and Herzegowina

        - Serbia

        - Slovenia

    4. Mountain lines on the Balkans

        - Montenegro

        - Serbia

        - Mazedonia and Greece

        - Bosnia and Herzegowina

        - Slovenia

    5. Railway round trip Montenegro – Serbia –

        Bosnia and Herzegowina – Croatia - Montenegro